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Our design team is constantly developing beautiful new styles and finishes and searching the world for components of the highest quality to utilize in designs that will enhance the home. I did so because I had a weird, unquestioned belief that it made sense to do so — that writing about anything and pojer I wanted would push away that audience. And, frankly, deceptive and unhelpful.

It offers us the opportunity to tell the truth. Our exacting quality standards and exceptional designs "shine" through our entire product line - from bathroom vanities, table lamps and exterior casino lawrenceburg in to beautiful dining room chandeliers, grand foyer pieces and crystal. I have decided to make an effort to make this blog a more transparent and more honest look at an imperfect person — me. About My name is Joey Lott. One of the biggest lies is that there exist perfected people and that it is possible and desirable to become one. Imperfect people have something to offer us if they are honest.

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